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BRAND NEW VIDEO: The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure
posted June 26, 2016
We know you have all been eagerly waiting for this brand new music video! Six Flags Great Adventure has finally unleashed mayhem in the form of The Joker! This flipping chaotic coaster is the most intense and out of your seat head over heels ride we have ever been on! The video would have been posted weeks ago, but thanks to some opening day jitters where Joe and I were stuck upside down during the Media Event, we had to postpone the release of the video back a bit. The video is jam packed with off ride footage recorded by us as well as some B-roll and POV footage from the park themselves. We hope you enjoy this intense video of an intense coaster!

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Universal Studios Orlando: Volcano Bay Finally Unveiled

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 22 Jun : 10:25

It has been over a year since Universal Studios Orlando announced the installment of their new state of the art water park, Volcano Bay. Since then the parks concept, rides & attractions have been shrouded in mystery leaving guests eagerly awaiting more details then just one piece of concept art. However, now those waiting to see what's in store for the new park can finally breath easy as Universal Studios has released additional works of concept art & details regarding the attractions that will call Volcano Bay home.

Blog: Six Flags Great Adventure Closes The Joker During Media Day Event

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 May : 14:35

Today Six Flags Great Adventure was finally ready to unveil the newest addition to the park to the coaster world. The weather has been more on the dry side, the sun was beaming and the temps were finally reaching what we see along The Jersey Shore this time of the year. It was a perfect day for a Media Preview Event minus the chronic sweating, that I could have done without. Kristin Siebeneicher, John Fitzgerald and Joe Piscopo were on site to ring in the new coaster for a day full of flips, spins, rotations... whatever you wanna call it! Select members of The Boys & Girls Club of New Jersey were present and taking part in the first official rides of The Joker. Soon after the inaugural rides, working media, coaster sites and enthusiasts were welcome to give The Joker a try.

Blog: Mainstream Media Has Got It All Wrong

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 May : 19:41

Thanks to technology and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook breaking news of all sorts can be easily accessed at our fingertips allowing for a more immediate reaction and response. We have all seen the many trending death hoaxes that have taken Twitter and Facebook by storm causing mayhem from the reader to the actual celebrity that just found out about his or her own death. Well in the theme park world simple procedures like an evacuation can be blown up into something far much worse. The mainstream media is fantastic at painting a dismal and tragic picture for those watching or reading. When in reality the parks are executing simple designated procedures that ensure the safety of everyone involved. When it comes to reporting about theme parks, the mainstream media has it all wrong, and this is why!
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