Blog: Mainstream Media Has Got It All Wrong

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 14 May : 19:41

Thanks to technology and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook breaking news of all sorts can be easily accessed at our fingertips allowing for a more immediate reaction and response. We have all seen the many trending death hoaxes that have taken Twitter and Facebook by storm causing mayhem from the reader to the actual celebrity that just found out about his or her own death. Well in the theme park world simple procedures like an evacuation can be blown up into something far much worse. The mainstream media is fantastic at painting a dismal and tragic picture for those watching or reading. When in reality the parks are executing simple designated procedures that ensure the safety of everyone involved. When it comes to reporting about theme parks, the mainstream media has it all wrong, and this is why!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Joker Construction Update

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 12 May : 19:40

Six Flags Great Adventure was opened this past weekend so Joe and I made our way over to the park to see what progress has been made on The Joker site itself. The track work has been finished but there is still the construction of the queue line, marquee and overall site itself. Now if you have been watching the Weather Channel you would know that the Northeast has been plagued by an onslaught of rain and storms for almost ten days. With this in mind, I didn't think there would be much done considering you really can't pour concrete in torrential rain.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Joker Construction Update & More

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 27 Apr : 23:26

Six Flags Great Adventure is open for the week as part of their Spring Break event and of course we had to make a pit stop sometime during this week to check on the progress of The Joker! The new coaster has been completed, and is awaiting testing for the states approval and once it has the green light we finally get to ride this new beast! Aside from a photo update of The Joker, the parking lot has begun its transformation and there is a surprise for you all! But of course you must read on to see it! We'll give you a hint, its a video!!!!
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