Freestyle Music Park: Activity at the Time Machine

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 30 Jul : 00:57
During one of his often drive by's, our very close friend who lives near the defunct Freestyle Music Park noticed a bit of activity at the Time Machine. As he was driving home, he noticed the three garage doors to the Time Machine maintenance house were open with all three trains on track! We know the park will most likely never re-open. Therefore, I believe the Time Machine will begin testing for operational purposes before going up for sale.

Extended Article:
Freestyle Music Park has been shut down since the end of the 2009 season and periodically there is a bit of activity inside the fence. Usually it is something that has no significance but I think this bit of activity does.

Our very close friend was driving by the defunct park as he usually does coming home from work. Nothing ever comes from it but tonight as he was trying to make it home before a bad storm rolled in...

He noticed the three garage doors to the Time Machine maintenance shed were wide open with all three trains on track. Now it could very well mean nothing but both him and I highly doubt the trains have been there the entire time since 2009, without any shrink wrap. He noticed two of the trains were bearing the Freestyle Music Park Logo and the third train was stripped.

Now unfortunately due to traffic, he was unable to capture a photo of the garage doors wide open... He had to make a u-turn and as he made his way back the doors were closed due to the rain and wind. However, he did snap a shot of the side door to the shed open:

We all know the chances of the park re-opening are pretty slim. Therefore I think it is safe to say that this activity is either routine maintenance or the trains could be under preparation for operational testing before going up on the market. However, if it is routine maintenance, why would the trains be on the track...? That would mean they were left on track when the park closed, which I highly doubt.

Eventually the land the park occupies will be purchased and in order to get the ball rolling on potential buyers (which there has been a few) the rides need to go. So why not start out with the biggest ride, the Time Machine? Or maybe someone has shown interest in purchasing the ride and they are beginning the process of removing it...?

But anything is possible and most likely this "activity" is nothing. But still interesting and something to pay attention to... We might see the ride begin testing if what we believe is true.