Watch Now: New Six Flags New England Video

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 18 Apr : 23:56

Presenting our first video of the 2016 season, Six Flags New England! It has been a very long time since our last video of this quaint but thrilling park in Agawam, Massachusetts. Since our last video, Goliath, Wicked Cyclone and Sky Screamer are new to the park. Thankfully, this year, Bizarro has been changed back to Superman and we couldn't be happier! This video includes an abundance of off-ride shots in sync to high energy electronic/dance music! We hope you enjoy the music video!

Blog: Theme Park Dining & How To Save

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 04 Apr : 23:48

It should come as no surprise that eating within the gates of a theme park can come with a hefty price tag. Aside from the other necessary purchases like parking and admission everyone needs some grub and drink to refresh the body throughout the day. But how do you quench your thirst or please your tummy when visiting a park without emptying your wallet? Well there are many ways one can save some of the green stuff and in this blog of many we will share our tips and tricks with you... Get your pen and paper, make sure to jot it down cause here we go!
During our many excursions to parks from New England to the Midwest, we have seen, spent and then ate it all. Yup, we too have fallen victims to high priced theme park food at least twenty-two times or so, maybe twenty-three times... but who is counting? The fact is burgers, chicken strips, sliced pizza and even elephant ears can add up to the price of a normal operating day ticket! Especially if you are enjoying the rides and slides with your family, it can definitely add up in no time. Therefore, Joe and I are here to rescue you from the evil pricing elves that sneak out at night when the park is closed and... Let's not kid ourselves, we know park management sets these prices knowing full well people are going to spend the money to cool themselves off, fill their gut or calm their nerves. Now a days, some theme parks even have beverages or food that are more popular than the rides. You know which park I'm talking about and yes that stuff costs a whopping $7.00!

So considering how much we have traveled, how much we have spent and ate... we have learned a few tricks that have helped us save money while still being able to enjoy the popular theme park food we all love. Some of it may be ideas you have already started doing yourself and hopefully there are some new ones that will get that lightbulb above your head turned on!

Eat Before You Enter
Many times Joe and I have stopped somewhere just outside the park to grab a bite before heading in. This does two things! First, it of course saves you money because the fast food joint or full blown restaurant is normally priced and there is no way in hell a burger would cost $10.99. Now if you decide to eat at a five-star establishment before heading into the park, that is your choice and you DEFINITELY will not save anything. In fact you will spend way more and should just stop reading this blog post cause you have way to high of taste for these ideas! Anyway back to our "Eat Before You Enter" idea... Aside from saving your money it also fills you up before you get to scan your finger at the front gate. This allows you to make it through most of your day until dinner time. Unless you are like me and need a few snacks here and there. Hey we're all guilty of a little corn dog here and funnel cake there it's a theme park ritual!

The Good Ol' Cooler Method
This is something I grew up doing at Six Flags Great Adventure when my mom would take me and my brother to the park for the day. Every year we would visit the park at least three times and every visit my mom would pack a cooler full of drinks, snacks and full blown subs for lunch. She would pack it that morning, rile us up and get everyone and everything in the car. Of course we would start the day off with something to eat because lunch wouldn't occur until about one or two in the afternoon. But usually around that time our hands were stamped and you would find us out in the parking lot, sitting on the back of the car eating our subs and dunkaroos. My mom was a single mother and this allowed her to save a ton of money. Aside from the tickets, she had to pay for parking and the insane game obsession my brother had, it was no easy task... Now there are some of you who might think eating out of your car in the parking lot of a theme park is ghetto. But honestly when you go to a football game or a NASCAR event where are you drinking and eating... OUT THE BACK OF YOUR CAR! To me this idea brings back so many memories of being a kid at Six Flags Great Adventure and is my favorite idea for saving money while dining al a carte in the parking lot of a theme park!

Eat Small
Who says that it is necessary to eat like you haven't seen food in years every time you go to a park? No one! Honestly who would want to stuff their gut full of sweets and heavy foods when it is ninety degrees on the blacktop. News flash! You know the time you threw up getting off a roller coaster, thats why! There is no need to stuff yourself at a park especially when you are planning to ride every roller coaster or thrill ride there! I don't know about you, but overeating would definitely cause me to throw up! So instead of eating a full lunch and a full dinner, take in small snacks throughout your day. Turn that burger with fries basket into a soft pretzel with cheese or maybe take that gigantic bowl of sweet ice cream and turn it into a churro. These smaller options come with a smaller price tag and can satisfy your immediate hunger.

Sharing is Caring
I think this idea is pretty self explanatory... share an entree with a friend or family member. Just know that there is always a possibility you get the raw end of the deal. Especially if you are with Joe, he always tries to steal food off the plate without me seeing!

Season Dining Passes
Prior to this blog post we didn't see the value in a Dining Season Pass. I don't know why, but maybe we were just totally stubborn thinking this was some way for the park chains to make another couple million off guests who see it as some miraculous value. However, this year we got our very own Gold Dining Season Passes at Six Flags Great Adventure and I have to say we are impressed and in love with the idea. Now this option only works out well if you plan on visiting the park numerous times and doing so is required to eventually pay off what you have initially paid to acquire the pass. Every time we go to any of the Six Flags Parks we get one lunch, one dinner and one snack, each. There are over two-hundred options to choose from. Joe and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure for their opening weekend celebration and we didn't spend a dime on food. Of course we spent the initial $94.99 for the pass itself. But after doing the math we figured with an entree priced at $10.99 we would have to eat eight and a half meals before the dining pass is paid off. Considering Great Adventure is only twenty minutes from us and we are bound to make a couple dozen trips from now until Holiday in the Park ends in January... we think this is the best option for those who live nearby to a park who offers this.

For those who visit the park once or twice a year, there is no value in the Dining Pass and we strongly recommend using one of the other ideas mentioned.

Don' Eat
It's nearly one-hundred degrees, the sun is blazing hot and your stomach is growling from no food since 9 am. What do you do? You ignore those hunger pains and keep moving! That's right, just don't eat. With all your might and will power, keep that wallet tightly secured in your back pocket and stay away from the stands lining the midways. You can do it... it's only 12 hours of no food! We're kidding! If you don't care about spending the money because your living it up riding death defying rides then have at it! Eat all you want! Hell go into a food coma! Non judgment!

I hope that these ideas have sparked some excitement for your next visit to a theme park near you. Again you might have already seen some of these ideas or even done them yourself... We just thought it wouldn't hurt to share them with you before the summer season is in full swing and the money starts flowing! Until our next blog don't ride on EAT ON!

Six Flags Great Adventure - March 24, 2016

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 24 Mar : 23:57

It's the start of Spring Break for some school districts in New Jersey while others begin the week of Easter. Therefore, Six Flags Great Adventure takes advantage of the kiddies being out of school and opens their gates for their Annual Spring Break Celebration! While we weren't present for opening day, we made the twenty minute journey the following day for rides, food and fun! All the rides, excluding The Joker were up and running and boy did we have a blast! And yes this iReport also has a little Joker goodness hidden inside! Make sure to read the entire thing!

The weather was forecasted as a sunny day reaching mild temps of at least 70 degrees. However, that was never the case, the day was full of an overcast sky and very chilly temps and of course I did not dress for the occasion! Anyway, as most of you remember, we were present during the Joker Construction Tour. While I wasn't there myself, I sent Joe in place of me. Therefore, today was the first time I laid my eyes on the purple and green dueling track of The Joker.

I must say, before your body even crosses through the main gates of the park you are greeted by a large and intimidating structure. It is an awesome sight to see and has changed the skyline of the main midway forever. However, I must say I think the location of this new coaster will be a time bomb waiting to explode. Not only following new coaster opening trends and working at the park myself, I know the park will most likely be opening The Joker Memorial Day Weekend. So, with the decent size crowds the park pulls in and the location of the new coaster I see it being a MAJOR wait time problem. With only eight people per train I just see this ride exceeding two hour wait times, possibly even longer. If you have ever been to Great Adventure you know how crazy the crowds can get there. The park is in a centralized location from Philly and New York City. But we will just have to wait and see, maybe Great Adventure will be doing some sort of ticket system.

We began our day with the Safari Off Road Adventure which we have not done since the media day it opened. The ride as a whole is a really good fit for families, little kids and those who are into animals like Joe and I. Throughout the ride you are supposed to navigate the terrain of the Safari, but for most of our journey we stuck to the pre-existing road. It wasn't "off road" at all. Maybe the Summer will bring new things...

After freezing our butts off on the Safari, we decided to take the sky ride across the park and snap this awesome hyperlapse courtesy of my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

From West to East Six Flags Great Adventure in just 17 seconds! #SpringBreak

Posted by on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Leaving the sky ride behind us we made a b-line to one of my personal favorites, Nitro! Of course there was no line and we walked up twice. The first time we took the front row and suffered from frozen face, and then took the rear for our second ride. There is just something about that first drop that gets my stomach every time. You know the feeling that makes you want to giggle uncontrollably from the incredible tickle it gives you.

By now Joe and I were frozen and just ready to head home. We weren't dressed for the weather considering we thought it was going to be much warmer out. In fact a lot of people were in the same boat wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Would I have gone that far today? No it would have been still too chilly for Summer wear. Given our frozen state we made our way from MovieTown to The Golden Kingdom to take on Kingda Ka.

Operational wise the ride is running flawless, experience wise it is beginning to show its age. The strata coaster opened in 2005 and now in 2016 the ride is VERY rough. To the point it was unenjoyable, there was so much vibration, jarring and rough play I could care less if I ever go on it again this season. Maybe it could have been a mixture of cold temps, beginning operation and fresh wheels... we will have to re-visit that!

Riding Ka once, it was time to make our way over to El Toro, our favorite coaster at the park. There was no line and it was nice to just walk through the queue right up to the station to the second to last row. We hopped on, got thrown out of our seats and exited the station platform happily. El Toro is by far the best investment Six Flags Great Adventure has ever made. The ride is just thrilling, exhilarating, amazing, fun... I can keep going but you just have to ride it yourself to know what I mean. With our fix being satisfied it was time to head over to the construction site of The Joker and see what has changed since Joe's visit on the construction tour.

As you can see the track construction has been completed, but there is a lot of work still left. Basically everything from here on out is cosmetic... planters, gardens, paths, queue line, station, etc. I personally don't see The Joker opening in time for the unofficial start of summer along the Jersey Shore. With just two months until the rumored opening, there is still testing and cosmetic construction left to go and two months is a short time that leaves no room for any major kinks or errors. We shall see though!

Overall the park was ready for opening day. It was very weird as we were just there on the last day of Holiday in the Park. The park was technically closed for around 80 days. Now you might be wondering what gives for the short ride list. Well Joe and I have been to this park countless times, we have even worked at the park. So unfortunately our visits to Great Adventure are short bursts of what we want to ride and do and then we bounce. Plus the cold temps and brisk breeze didn't help but we will be back in about a week to see if any changes have come since opening! Until then, thanks for reading!

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