Six Flags Great Adventure: Zumanjaro Update

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 27 Dec : 22:57
A reader has sent in some photos of the ongoing construction of Zumanjaro. Until now, the dismantling of Rolling Thunder and prep work for the new tower has been a big secret! Our unknown source has supplied us with numerous photos showing off the pouring of two footers and the supports onsite. The placement of footers raises an eyebrow. It looks like the structure of Kingda Ka will be altered in order to house this new thrilling ride.

Additional Photos & Information
As of right now we haven't seen any sort of blueprints mapping out the layout for the new tower. However, the photos posted below must be some sort of rear support for the altered base structure of Kingda Ka:

these photos are of the rear right footer

this photo shows the rear left footer

Now of course these "footers" could be for something else. However, considering their proximity to the the main Ka tower, if definitely looks like footers for supporting the additional weight to me.

Moving on... the supports and what looks like the cars for Zumanjaro have been spotted in the parking lot:

As of right now this is all speculation... So begin!