Disneyland: New Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 Jul : 10:48
Opening Summer of 2017, the all new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction at Disneyland will feature Benecio del Toro reprising his role as the Collector for the ride which will take over the structure that currently houses The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. From the sound of it, the Tower of Terror will drop for the final time in January. Disneyland said the attraction will feature Tanaleer Tivan, the Collector, who “has opened his unique collection of fauna, relics and species to guests for a special tour culminating with his latest prized possessions: the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves! Fortunately, Rocket has a plan to free his friends — and that plan includes recruiting Disneyland Resort guests in a sensational rescue effort.”