Sydney's Wonderland Will Be Bigger Than Ever

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 Jul : 10:50

Cutting-edge rides, giant water slides and a resort hotel: Plans reveal how Sydney's Wonderland will be resurrected into the largest theme park in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest theme park destination resort in the Southern Hemisphere is set to be built in Sydney. Developers behind Worlds of Wonder, the new project to resurrect Wonderland, hope the project will be completed by 2021 with a soon to be announced destination in Western Sydney. The park will offer modern rides, a hotel resort, restaurants and a shopping and entertainment precinct.

Western Sydney Theme Park, the company spearheading the campaign have recently appointed David Bakas, operations manager of Orlando's Walt Disney World in the US, to help with the design process. He said new cutting edge technology will allow the park to build rides that were not possible at Wonderland Sydney, which closed in 2004.