Mother & Daughter Attacked at Safari Theme Park

Posted by  r0llerc0ast3r / 26 Jul : 10:51
Warning signs are present for a reason... A woman, her husband and daughter all ignored posted signs forbidding getting out of their vehicle at Badaling Wildlife World in China. Badaling is a safari tour theme park where theme park visitors can enjoy wildlife from the comfort of their own car. The woman was switching seats with her husband when a tiger attacked and killed the woman before turning on her daughter. The woman's husband was not injured during the attack. Security was quick to respond but they unfortunately could not save the woman.

The family had been warned about getting out of the vehicle... however, the family ignored posted signs and verbal warnings when exiting their vehicle. According to the authorities, Badaling Safari World closed its doors until further investigation. Apparently, this is not the first incident for Badaling Wildlife World. Two years ago, one of the tigers killed a zookeeper while he was feeding the animal.

The video posted below shows the attack taking place. Please be aware the video you are about to see contains some graphic material: